Happy Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is upon us. This will be my second as a father. And the indescribable pride, joy and love I feel being a parent gets stronger with each passing year.

But I feel absolutely miserable celebrating this year. I look at my daughter and I cannot even fathom the pain and horror I would feel being separated from her. I cannot imagine how she would feel either. A 23-month-old alone in the world, crying, screaming for mommy and daddy, unable to understand what is happening to her.

Right now on our southern border, federal agents acting in the name of my country are needlessly tearing small children and even babies away from their parents. I don’t need an explanation to feel sad and sick. No analysis is needed for my stomach to turn. No explanation is required for a father to understand that this is morally abhorrent.

But the explanation is important because it makes me angry. It makes me outraged. We’re doing this to these families because they tried to come here.

America is great. Americans are proud. That’s why so many people still want to come here. It’s why my great-grandparents left Europe for a better life in the US. Unless you’re Native American, it’s probably why yours came here too. So what does it say about our great country that we’re willing to debase ourselves to prevent others from coming here, as our families did? What does it say about our nation’s character that we’re willing to torture families who’ve suffered long, hard journeys only to arrive at our border with nothing, fleeing miserable lives for the promise of better ones?

I look at my daughter and I know that I don’t want her to grow up in a nation that would do this to people. I don’t want to have to explain to her how our society could let this happen. As I try to celebrate with my family, I can only think of the parents whose children have been torn away from them. This isn’t why any of our ancestors came here. This doesn’t make me proud to be an American.

We obviously need to do better. Niemoller knew that this was how it starts. So the only choice we have is to end it.

Please contact your reps.