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Irreverence in Unexpected Places

I love finding irreverence in unexpected places. Today I was in a yellow cab and decided to take the survey. Not sure many other people have had that instinct, but I was delighted by the answers to the following question (especially option C):


The other example that routinely blows me away is NASA’s social media presence. Whoever’s in charge over there (NPR actually covered the team a few years ago – turns out 3 women at JPL got this started) is brilliant because a while back they started tweeting from their various space probes in the first person, using common twitter phrasing and conventions. Anthropomorphic robots are awesome on their own, but tweets like these especially genius:

From 2012: 2014-10-30 22-08-13

From 2014: 2014-10-30 22-17-37

I suppose there’s a marketing lesson here…if you’re passionate about what you do and don’t take yourself too seriously anyone can be a marketing superstar and capture the public’s attention. We expect this kind of humor from the internet (remember @BronxZoosCobra?), but it’s so lovely when entities like the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory join in the fun. My next mission: find out who at the Taxi and Limousine Commission created this awesome survey.