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808’s And Heartbreaks

I think I may be mildly obsessed with the new Kanye album (btw – I am 100% buying it once it’s available for purchase). It’s plays quite differently for me than much of his previous work. It’s lower-tempo, much more electronic, but still as epic as ever. If you needed further proof of Kanye’s skills as a vocalist (effects aside) in addition to as a rapper, there’s plenty of it on this disc. The repetitive beeping rythm of Say You Will makes no secret about what’s in store on the rest of the album…low tones, deep, brooding beats, all underlying Kanye’s catchy melodies and powerful lyrics. Evidently the album chronicles Kanye’s reaction to the death of his mother, so the tone certainly fits.


I really like what Kanye did with RoboCop; it’s one of the lighter tracks on the album (compare its orchestral arrangements to the cello at the beginning of Welcome to Heartbreak). It’s got a really cool sample of RoboCop’s machienery moving that’s used in a pretty innovative way; the mechanical sound feels like it’s a tone filling out the melody of the track.

If you juxtapose this album with the up-tempo, party-ready tracks on Graduation and Late Registration, most of it is much more of a rainy day or late-night-after-party playlist. The deep, repetitive beats make it ripe for remixing though – I can’t wait to hear the club versions of some of these tracks that will surely emerge.