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Mariah Carey Remix Contest on Indaba Music

I am very proud to announce that this morning we launched a remix contest on Indaba Music for Mariah Carey’s new single “I’ll Be Lovin’ U Long Time.” This is obviously a big deal for the entire Indaba team – Indaba Music is a powerful way for artists to make music with each other online, and the Mariah contest showcases the platform’s ability to create that type of collaboration between major recording artists and other musicians. We couldn’t be happier about demonstrating this utility with the best-selling female artist of all-time.

In fact, when the story broke in Billboard on Saturday, it contained this priceless quotes from Mariah’s executive producer Mark Sudack:

“It’s a marketing tool as much as it is a contest,” he says. “But nowadays all you need is a laptop and a drum machine, and you have all the equipment that you need to go and make something that’s hot and sounds special. There’s so much potential talent out there that’s untapped. You could have the next Jermaine Dupri sitting in a room somewhere, and he’s got all the talent and all this genius with just no options to connect the dots.”

Exactly. It’s incredibly gratifying for us to see professionals of this caliber understanding the value that Indaba can provide to an artist like Mariah.

This contest also represents a major accomplishment for the music industry in general – these types of programs are pretty forward-thinking, and putting not just the completed song out online for free distribution, but the individual stem files is not an easy thing for most old-school players to digest. In this case, Universal Publishing, EMI Publishing, Live Nation, Island Def Jam, Mariah’s management, and of course, Mariah herself all needed to be on the same page – no small accomplishment.

These types of programs are a great way for major artists to forge a deeper connection with listeners, and they provide other artists with very exciting creative opportunities. We’re all about creating new opportunities at Indaba, especially if they add value to an industry that is struggling to derive it from as many new avenues as it can.

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