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Bad Music is Still Bad

Duncan Riley over at TechCrunch wrote a great response to some ridiculous comments from The Society of Authors, the UK Association representing professional book authors. These folks are claiming that internet piracy will put an end to original writing. Sound familiar? It should, because this was the same argument music industry execs made for music when the internet and P2P hit the scene.

I’m glad Duncan is calling shenanigans on this kind of argument, but I take issue with one point he makes. In his words, “While online content and E-Book readers are changing the book game, there will always be a market for books; literature is not modern music, it can’t be created on a whim by 9 year olds using Garage Band.

I feel like people outside the music world often make this mistake – as anyone on Indaba will attest to, digital production technology makes it easier for anyone to create music, but it doesn’t guarantee that the music will be any good. Musicians, engineers, and producers still need to be talented – this hasn’t changed in over 100 years of recorded music. The implication that all of modern music is about inexperienced 9 years old hacking songs together on Garage Band is moderately offensive.