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SXSW Update #3

In the morning, we learned that original ideas for the internet date back to the 1830s…that’s right, they didn’t have the telephone, but some guy still thought the internet would be a pretty cool idea. Since most of our short term memory was erased later on in the day by the nuclear tacos (read on for more), you can check out that cool dude’s name and other interesting factoids about the history of the interwebs at Alex Wright’s website.

One of the new friends we’ve made here at SXSW (a great guy from ASCAP by the name of Mark Palermo) decided that as SXSWi newbies we had to experience the nuclear taco buffet in Brush Square Park. Being the cavalier hot-pepper-eaters that we are, we dove right in to the nuclear
(nucular as Reagan would say) tacos and we were certainly regrettful of our arrogance. These were the most painful things we’ve ever had to eat, but at SXSW, if it’s free and you can eat it, you have to take it.

We capped off the night with an awesome show from Boston synth-pop act Freezepop Jesse has been photographing the band for years and insisted that this was one show we didn’t want to miss – it certainly dissapoint. This band is a lot of fun – especially if you like to dance – and they have exceptionally stylish schwag that I would recommend wearing even if you don’t like synth-pop and keytars.