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Wii Watch ’08

I’m not sure anyone outside the Indaba office cares, but wii’re getting a Wii. The team has been working very hard the past few weeks (months/years), and we finally decided it was time to get a Wii. Actually, I am getting a Wii, but it will be used for Indaba purposes (i.e. breaks from coding, breaks from recording, Guitar Hero, Mario Party drinking games). I had to buy one on eBay because every store in Manhattan seems to be sold out (still), and although Chris said I should stand outside Gamestop and wait for the next delivery, I opted not to. I’d much rather be here in the office working on Indaba…

If you’re in the NY area and want to come play with us (play Wii that is) we’ll let you know when it gets here. We need more distractions at Indaba Music 🙂