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New Years Resolutions

Last year I blogged a few new years resolutions, and since it’s almost 2008 and a full year has passed I figured this is the time to revisit them.1. Get people using Indaba Music – this one was obvious, as this website has occupied the majority of my life in 2007. However, I am very happy to say that we did get people using Indaba; quite a few actually. This community enters 2008 about 20,000 artists strong, and I hope you’ll join me in welcoming everyone else who continues to join us in the new year!2. Learn more about new music in NYC – I think I can declare success on this one too. Although there’s always more music to discover here in NYC, I helped myself to a hearty serving in ’07 – seeing many bands live for the first time including Jukebox the Ghost, Little Grey Girlfriend, Ra Ra Riot, and Beat Radio. Hell, we had 29 bands play here at Indaba for CMJ – most of which I had never heard or seen live before (Nous Non Plus kicked ass). I got my fill at After the Jump Fest out in Brooklyn too. Although it doesn’t count as “new music in NYC”, I was also fortunate enough to see a ton of major acts live, including Daft Punk at Coney Island (which bordered on a spiritual experience), The Killers, Springsteen, and Roger Waters at Live Earth (which was INCREDIBLE).

3. Go to Bonnaroo and SXSW – didn’t make it to Bonnaroo, but I did make it to SXSW, and it was certainly a great time. I saw and heard Paolo Nutini for the first time, and even visited my first authentic country dancing bar. Looking forward to heading back with the rest of the Indaba team in ’08.

4. Get back to Africa – unfortunately I didn’t follow through on this one, and I have to blame Indaba for taking up all my time. I absolutely loved the time I spent in Africa in 2005, and I’ve been hoping to go back ever since. Hopefully 2008 will be the year!

Stay tuned for this year’s resolutions…