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Jukebox the Ghost, Wakey Wakey at Mercury Lounge

Jukebox the Ghost (here, here, and here) played an awesome set last night at Mercury Lounge. Although I’ve gotten used to watching them perform here at Indaba, I understand that I can’t have them all to myself and they must play out in the real world. Highlights for me included Static to the Heart (one of their new tracks that I really enjoy), some other, newer songs I can’t remember the names of, and a rare rendition of their multi-part song about the end of the world.

Also, kudos go out to Wakey Wakey and their ever-successful manager Seth Kallen (and former Indaba intern, now This Side Up Sounds) for completely selling out their CD release event which went off right before JTG’s set. Despite being on the list, I couldn’t even get in because the bouncer said it was a fire hazard. Good job guys – that’s what I call creating buzz.