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Indaba Does L.A.

Dan, David, and I were out in L.A. this week to spread the Indaba love…and we definitely had a great time. Free accomodations, a night at In & Out Burger, and 72 degree sunshine – what else could a snowed-in New Yorker ask for?

We were lucky enough to meet Eric from Creative Commons – Dan and I have always been big fans of the work they’re doing (see our post when we deployed CC support), so it was kind of like meeting a minor celebrity for us. If you aren’t familiar with Creative Commons check them out – the work they’re doing to innovate copyright and licensing for musicians is very important and will eventually (if not already) impact every member of this community. We’re looking forward to working more closely with CC in the future in ways that enable musicians to take advantage of all the great work they’ve done.

The final highlight of the trip for me was our meeting with Ashley Witt – you may know him as one of the most badass users here on Indaba. It was really fun to meet him in person, hear what he had to say about the site, and see his awesome restored 1950s Thunderbird convertible (please be patient for a picture, once David uploads them I’ll include it here). He recently composed the new themesong for the upcoming Olympics – so if he’s interested in one of your sessions, listen to what he has to say! He’s pretty serious stuff.

On a less positive note, Dan and I are looking for someone to explain the seemingly bizarre traffic system in LA to us. Why does the walk signal only stay up for about half a second? Are there no elderly people crossing the street in lala land? Also, we noticed while driving that the lights don’t go green in a single direction, they go green for a single block, then you stop and wait, then you do another blog, and on, and on. It was like being in a NYC cab with a jerky driver. Anyway, thought I’d vent and see if anyone has any insights.

I’m lucky enough to be out in Colorado for the next few days, so I’ll try to post some pictures over the weekend.