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Starbucks on Bowery?

My friend Claire forwarded this news to me from Racked this morning: “Word comes in today — unconfirmed at present, we should note — that Starbucks will be taking over the former Adams Restaurant Supply store on the south west corner of Bowery and Houston.”

This is very, very interesting, and very, very weird. The Bowery (Indaba’s home in New York in case you didn’t know) is one of the most historic streets in the city, and in many ways it’s one of the last holdouts to the encroaching yuppyism and gentrification caused by entities like Indaba (I hate to say it but it’s true). If Starbucks takes over downstairs from Indaba, they’ll be across the street from the new Whole Foods, not to mention the New Museum of Contemporary Art opening December 1st.

Clearly the neighborhood is changing, and I continue to be torn between the definite positives of change like this, and the unavoidable sadness that results when something is irreversibly altered. Part of what I love about living on the Bowery is dissapearing forever, but at the same time the area gets nicer, cleaner, and easier to live in.