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Great talk on digital media, IP law, related issues

Not surprising that Larry Lessig would give a good talk on the problems with and future of intellectual property law, but even though its no surprise I wanted to share. My brother sent me this video (he actually first introduced me to the TED talks – you should check them out, there’s some amazing, amazing talks in there), it’s of a talk Lessig gave at TED in March. Check it out – you’ll be smarter and have a great perspective on things after you do. Not to mention the similarities between Lessig’s thinking and ours here at Indaba – I think I even heard him use the phrase “democratization of music production” – a phrase Dan and I use a lot when we talk about the proliferation of inexpensive, high-quality digital recording technology (actually, we did it here in Les Echos back in August – I’d love to say great minds think alike but I’m not quite that presumptuous – Larry’s a pretty smart guy – just happy to see we’re aligned).

Anyway,  you don’t need anymore of my rambling to appreciate this talk. Check it out, and have a great weekend.