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Report: ETM Battle of the Bands

Just got back from ETM’s Battle of the Bands, and I must say that the story of the night for me was Little Grey Girlfriend (sorry Dan but I’ve seen you play a few hundred times before). PJ introduced us to them, and also invited them to play at the Cutting Room tonight – definitely glad that he did. They had an original indie-pop sound, and they were a lot of fun to see. Erika (their lead vocalist) has an incredible voice and also wails on the trumpet, not to mention a way of getting into the music that’s certainly unique and and energizing to watch. The rest of the band was great too, and since they ended up winning this battle, I’m looking forward to seeing them in the Indaba studio where they’ll claim their prize of some free recording time. Check out LGG here and look out for them on Indaba soon!