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CMJ Week Ends

Well, last night officially marked the end of the Indaba Music showcase for CMJ – it was certainly a fun and wild (and by wild I mean tiring) week. We finally finished getting the stick of 5 days of beer and dirt off the floor, so we can relax and look back on a job well done. 28 bands played here overall (29 if you count Dan), and if you count the Springsteen concert I was fortunate enough to attend at the Garden Wednesday night, I saw 30 bands in all this week. That might be a personal record for me, although it might tie with SXSW last spring. But I digress. More on point, special, special thanks are due to Rachel Darmanin (Underrated Magazine) and Seth Kallen (This Side Up Sounds). Without them, we wouldn’t have had any of these awesome bands, and we wouldn’t have had the terrific crowds we did either.

I discovered a lot of great bands that I either hadn’t heard at all or hadn’t seen live before – including Beat Radio, Nous Non Plus (awesome French band – so much fun to see live), and Eagle*Seagull. I think I heard a Nous Non Plus song in there called “The World is a Cactus, I Cannot Find a Place to Sit Down.” Or maybe it was just something they said. Either way, it was hysterical. Come to think of it, everything is funnier in a French accent.

As usual, Wakey Wakey played an awesome set. And also as usual, Jukebox the Ghost (here, here, and here) brought down the house. Last night they played one of the most animated sets I’ve seen them give, and the house was completely packed. They included a few songs I hadn’t heard them do live before, which was of course a nice treat.

So, here’s my quick run-down:

  • 28 bands
  • 21 hours of music
  • 6 kegs
  • 1 New Zealand rocker swinging from the pipes
  • 0 air conditioners

All in all a great week! I’ll put up more pics and videos when I get a chance. For now it’s bedtime.